Karla is the founder of SOUS:SOL Records, she is also resident of the well known C12 club and The Void Project. She is a organizing member of Brüxsel Jardin collectif. She has released music on the C12 label and plays regularly in clubs such as the fuse, zodiak and Horst Festival.

Her musical influences are Techno, House, Dub and Minimal, and have their roots in labels like Brouquade, Melliflow, Minibar, Cabinet, Perlon, Finest Hour, Moshitaka and others.

Kompo is a producer based in Brussels. He is a member of The Void Project and a production professor at Futurgrooves Academy.

His productions have been released on labels such as The Void Project, C12Dimsum Records (U.K.) and many others.

Although he took music classes early in his life, it wasn’t until a friend showed him Ableton live that Kompo discovered how to make his own productions, ever since he has been refining his sound and learning the secrets behind music production, trying to merge jazz with electronic music.


A.G (Alexandre Guisson), is a producer based in Brussels, he’s the founder of  The Void Project and the  Futurgrooves Academy.

Previously released on The Void Project, C12 et Dimsum Records (U.K).

He has played in cities such as: Moscow, St Petersburg, Budapest, Paris and Brussels. He has also played alongside artists such as: Lizz, Cosmjn, S. Moreira, Vakula, Anil Aras, Samuel Deep, Gab Jr, The Points and many others.